Malcolm & The Senate Are Destroying Mass Transit

For readers of this blog & many others like it, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith is seen as an enemy of mass transit. We are fully aware that he & the majority of leaders in Albany do not understand or care to, the needs of the MTA & the millions who make up its riding public.

Today’s edition of the New York Daily News contained a very accurate editorial on how Malcolm Smith & the rest of the State Senate are destroying mass transit. Lets take a quick peek at it shall we:

The circus plays on – Malcolm Smith, ringmaster – while New Yorkers face the bitter realities created for them by a government of clowns.

Those realities include the crippling of mass transportation and imposition of fare hikes the likes of which this city has never seen.

With Senate Majority Leader Smith introducing new acts of clownishness under the Albany big top seemingly every day, subway and bus riders are speeding toward a disaster of mounting proportions. And the price of a rescue grows ever steeper.

Having no choice, the agency is on the verge of eliminating bus lines and boosting fares in the 30% range, laying off as many as 600 workers and abandoning projects like station painting – as the first step toward slashing more service and forcing rider costs still higher.

A whole lot higher.

Meanwhile, Smith and his Democrats are piled in a little car and riding in circles while proposing preposterous idea after preposterous idea.

Like gambling in the stock market to raise money for the MTA.

Like trumpeting that you can balance the books even if your numbers don’t add up.

Like slapping city taxi passengers with a $1-a-ride MTA fee while intending to send half the money to the suburbs and upstate.

Click here for the complete editorial.

This was a very strong editorial piece which accurately hammered on the preposterous proposals that have come from Albany during this process. If these so called leaders had any pride, they would be embarrassed for insulting the MTA & most importantly its riders/constituents. You were elected to serve the people yet the daily bickering & lack of sustainable solutions show you are only serving the minority.

Until these leaders remember why they were elected & who they serve, expect one asinine proposal after another & ultimately a doomsday that will severely hurt who they were supposed to help.

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… and everyone keeps finmilg all the way through the fight, and forgets that the woman had a disproportionate physical advantage over the girl, and that an employee should never engage in any form of retaliation against customers… wow!

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