Bay Ridge Stations May Be Too Damaged To Paint

If you have ever traveled on the R train train through Bay Ridge, you will notice the decrepit conditions of the stations in the neighborhood. Many residents & riders would tell you that all the stations could use a paint job. However the MTA does not agree as they felt painting some would be putting a small band aid over a huge wound. Ben Muessig of The Brooklyn Paper has more in his report:

They are the stations where paint isn’t enough.

While the peeling and flaking 77th Street R train station is about to get a new paint job, The Brooklyn Paper has learned that Bay Ridge’s other grimy stations may not get one because they suffer from such serious infrastructure problems that a paint job would offer only an inconsequential uplift.

The MTA says it’s including 77th Street in a $52-million project that will put a fresh coat of paint on stairways, platforms and mezzanines throughout the city — but the gritty Bay Ridge Avenue, 86th Street and 95th Street stations will not be included in the job.

In choosing which stations to repaint, the MTA did not consider stops that suffered from larger problems — like water leaks, transit spokeswoman Deidre Parker said.

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Personally I feel the MTA should not waste money painting over stations that have other severe issues. What good would it do to paint a station with water damage among other structural issues? The answer is it would not do one ounce of good & wasting money is the last thing the agency needs to be doing.

However the bigger picture is what kind of damage has taken place at these stations & when will the MTA have the money to fix them? Of course they can’t just wave a wand to come up with the money & that is where it goes back to our government’s responsibility to help fund our transit system. Lets hope that the politicians spend less time waving the anti-fare hike pom poms to look good for their constituents & focus on how they will fight for the money our system deserves. So to our elected officials, the ball is in your court, are you going to turn it over or score some points for the riders!

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