Pregnant Woman Hit With Ticket On The Subway

Nora Hsu
This is Nora Hsu, the woman who at 8 months pregnant was ticketed for passing through a Manhattan-bound 1 Train train. Photo courtesy of Chad Rachman; New York Post.

For years, it has been common knowledge that cops have ticket quotas. It did not matter the location or type of officer in question, if a quota had to be met, ridiculous tickets would be written. Once again this story has played out with the latest being on a Manhattan-bound 1 train. A woman who is 8 months pregnant, was hit with a ticket as she crossed between cars. Tom Namako of the New York Post has more in this exclusive report:

An eight-months-pregnant Long Island woman — desperate to find a subway seat during this week’s flash heat wave — was cruelly slapped with a $75 ticket after she crossed between cars on a jam-packed train.

Nora Hsu, who works in financial sales in Midtown, was busted as she passed from car to car while the 1 train was stopped at the Times Square station on Wednesday.

An officer on patrol on the platform spotted her crossing and ordered her off the train.

“I told the cop, ‘Cut me some slack. I’m 32 weeks pregnant, and I’m just trying to get home,’ ” she recalled for The Post. “I was out of breath.”

But the officer said, “It doesn’t matter,” and wrote the ticket.

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I usually focus on the actual technicalities of issues when passing judgment. However there are many instances where one should look past those technicalities & see the common sense approach. I feel this qualifies as one of those instances.

While Nora was technicality guilty of passing through from one subway car to the next, it was for a legitimate reason. This is a woman who is 8 months pregnant & for any of you who have been pregnant or know someone who has, standing can be a very painful experience. The cop in question clearly entrapped Nora & chose to uphold the rules even when it was not warranted in this case.

I understand that employing preference in who to or not to ticket can lead to problems. However what happened to having compassion for a fellow human being? Would it really have been so bad if he let her slide? This officer should be ashamed of himself for entrapping Nora.

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