MTA Finances

MTA Chairman Clashes With State Senator

Long time readers know how much I hate political grandstanding. Tri-state area riders know full well how much of that goes on with elected officials who seem to always care about mass transit funding & issues when it gives them a chance to earn political brownie points. MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota is another one who […]

New Law Shines Light On MTA Finances

Gov. Cuomo recently signed a new law that will require the MTA to post its financial plans online for public review before the agency can call its board for a vote. While I appreciate the transparency of the measure, it does reek of the pot calling the kettle black considering the games his administration has […]

Cuomo Budget Has $65M Cut To MTA Funds

In a Daily News Exclusive, the exclusive budget revealed by Gov. Cuomo last month includes a well hidden cut of $65M in funding to the MTA. Dan Rivoli has more: The suffering subway, bus and rail system may have less money to move New Yorkers. A line tucked deep in Gov. Cuomo’s executive budget from […]

MTA Reaches Deal With TWU Local 100

Thankfully for the sake of riders throughout the region, the MTA has reached a deal (pending MTA Board approval) with Transport Workers Union Local 100. Based on the initial terms of the deal, I feel it is safe to say that the union won this round of the never ending battle between the heavyweights as […]

MTA Pays $1.2M To Settle Lawsuit

The MTA is shelling out the dough as it was just discovered that the agency had to pay out $1.2 million to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit from Black & Hispanic transit cops. Reuven Blau of the New York Daily News has more in this exclusive: The MTA quietly paid $1.2 million to settle a […]