Cuomo Budget Has $65M Cut To MTA Funds

In a Daily News Exclusive, the exclusive budget revealed by Gov. Cuomo last month includes a well hidden cut of $65M in funding to the MTA. Dan Rivoli has more:

The suffering subway, bus and rail system may have less money to move New Yorkers.

A line tucked deep in Gov. Cuomo’s executive budget from last month calls for a $65 million cut to a chunk of money the state gives to the MTA — down to $244 million from $309 million last year.

The 21% cut, if it survives the budget process, would hit the MTA at a time when commuters are fuming over frequent delays, spotty service, overcrowding and constant fare hikes.

“If Gov. Cuomo wants to take credit for opening the Second Ave. subway, he also has to take responsibility of the day-to-day operations in the rest of the subway system,” said John Raskin, director of the Riders Alliance.

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Why am I not surprised that our elected officials once again are looking at ways to shortchange the MTA & the millions of riders who depend on it. I agree 100% with Riders Alliance director John Raskin in regards to Cuomo needing to take responsibility for the entire transit system. I wonder how his arm is feeling from all the patting on the back he gave himself over part of the Second Avenue Subway being opened.

The MTA needs to go on a legitimate PR campaign to clearly explain why a lot of their issues stem from funding issues caused by political mishandling compared to it being pure negligence which is what most riders assume the reason to be.

We shall see if Cuomo gets his way with this funding cut. Hopefully for the sake of millions, he does not as it is just not right!

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