6 Train Eye Catcher

Yesterday marked the end of The 80th Annual Feast of San Gennaro. Like I did last year, I attended the festival with my best friend Dawn. Unlike last year I noticed a more sizable crowd riding the subway but not an uncomfortable amount. However this entry is mostly about debuting an entry in th e “Eye Catchers” category.

I was enjoying music on my mp3 player while riding the 6 down to Canal Street. I knew I was running late but I felt in no rush to get to the festival. I knew it was not going anywhere so being late would not be a big deal. As my destination neared, I noticed quite an attractive blond checking me out. We played the typical eye games although this round was much more intense than usual.

I was 95% sure she was checking me out in approval. I had a little bit of doubt which was quickly erased. She got off the train at Bleecker Street & pulled the infamous “shoe” maneuver. If you don’t know what the shove maneuver is, you purposely act like something is wrong with your shoe so you are forced to stop in a spot. When you stop, you will follow that up with whatever idea you had in mind. As she stopped to “fix” her shoe, she looked at me one more time & presented a nice big smile.

The quick eye game was fun & a nice surprise on my way to the feast. If you are wondering why I didn’t talk to her, I have a legitimate reason. I’m talking to someone now &……………….

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