Man Dies While Trying To Save His Friend

Over the weekend, I was browsing the New York Daily News website & saw an unfortunate story. The story was about a man who died after being hit by a Queens-bound N Train train. The man, who was identified as 29 year old Jose Gomez, jumped on the tracks to rescue his female friend who went down on the tracks to recover her jacket. Matthew Lysiak & Jonathan Lemire have more in this report:

He never hesitated to help.

Jose Gomez, the brave Brooklyn man who leaped onto subway tracks to help his friend only to be killed by an oncoming train, always put others ahead of himself, his devastated family said Saturday.

“It doesn’t surprise me that he tried to save his friend,” said Gomez’s sister, Kimberly. “He was like that with all of his friends. He was always going above and beyond.”

Gomez, 29, was killed by an N train in Astoria late Friday night, while his friend – 19-year-old Beatriz Briceno – remained in critical but stable condition Saturday.

A year ago, when Briceno was a Connecticut high school senior, she chose a yearbook quote that reads as an eerie foreshadowing of the accident.

“Maybe mistakes are what make our fate,” the quote, attributed to “Sex and the City” star Carrie Bradshaw, reads under Briceno’s yearbook picture. “Without them, what would shape our lives? Maybe if we didn’t fall in love, we wouldn’t be who we are.”

Gomez and Briceno were playfully roughhousing on the northbound platform of the 36th Ave. station when the pretty teenager accidentally dropped her jacket onto the tracks, witnesses told police.

Briceno jumped to the tracks to retrieve it – seemingly unaware that a train was bearing down on her, police said.

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Let me first offer my condolences to the family & friends of Jose Gomez. No matter how old you are, it will always be a parent’s worst nightmare to hear their child died before they did. I do wonder why the two of them were horsing around on the platform. A subway platform is the last place you should ever horse around as you could potentially fall, drop or lose possessions, etc…. Also what was a 19 year old doing drinking anyhow? I don’t want to put these two down, but it is fair to question the lack of judgement shown by them, especially since it led to 1 death, & 1 with serious injuries.

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