Mayor Bloomber Promises To Help GOP

So it seems Mayor Bloomberg is like an everyday person after all. This revelation stems from his promise to help the GOP due to their support on his failed congestion pricing plan. Kenneth Lovett & Kathleen Lucadamo from the New York Daily News has this report:

Mayor Bloomberg is paying back New York Republicans for supporting his failed congestion pricing plan by promising to help the struggling party retain its majority in the state Senate.

“I’ve said repeatedly, I’ll help those who help this city. The Republicans in the state Senate were willing to vote for congestion pricing and the Democrats were not,” Bloomberg said Thursday. In a phone call this week to new Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Bloomberg pledged to lend him a hand in fighting the Democrats during elections this fall.

The Democrats are two seats away from taking control of the Senate. It’s not clear if Bloomberg’s aid will come in the form of cash but the billionaire Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Independent has plenty to spare.

Bloomberg is bitter that the Democratic-controlled Assembly refused to vote on his plan to charge motorists to drive on Manhattan’s most congested streets.

“There is a whole bunch of things where they [Republicans] have been there to help us. If the Democrats help us, I’ll support them as well,” Bloomberg told reporters

Just great, all our transit infrastructure need is the same faces in power who will further neglect our needs. Thanks Bloomberg, millions of us than you from the bottom of our heart & wallet.

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