Riders Demand Better Service On B24

Riders on the B24 are not happy with the MTA as they say service on their line is not living up to what is advertised. News12 Brooklyn has more in this report:

Commuters in Canarsie say the B24 bus never runs on schedule and are demanding the MTA do better.

Riders say buses park in lots instead of picking up more riders. They say other buses go out of service and just drive through and out of the lot entirely.

The MTA website says the B24 bus runs every four to 20 minutes. Riders say the wait is rarely that short and that they sometimes wait an hour to get where they need to go.

Click here for the complete report.

I watched the video report for this story & I can’t say I am surprised at the complaints lodged. I know a number of people who ride that line & they have expressed frustration with the service provided. I can say from first hand experience, I have seen many B24’s just park there & leave passengers waiting past the time they should or just leave them there altogether. Once in a blue moon, it could just be a random issue that crept up but when it is a regular occurrence, it clearly is a problem that needs to be addressed.

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