Personal Stories

Seriously How Dumb Can You Be?

Let me preface this by saying I am anti-drugs. I have never done an illegal drug in my life & never plan on doing so. Anyhow…. This past Tuesday, I hopped a Brooklyn-bound train at the Astoria Blvd station. The plan was to go to Queensboro Plaza & walk to a great printing company I […]

Pigs On The LIRR

Normally I am not one for taking pictures of people to post them online & talk negatively about them. I don’t see a point in doing so to comment on someone who dresses in a way you don’t like or does not seem attractive to you. On the other hand, if it is to expose […]

Wishing For A Local…..

Lately when I have been spending my time riding the subway, it has been along the 8th Ave corridor. Once again I found myself riding this corridor as this story takes place on a Manhattan-bound train. This past Tuesday, I was in Chelsea with the most awesome person on the planet as we went to […]

Won’t You Be My Nosy Neighbor

One of the things I can’t stand is a nosy person. While human nature makes us all somewhat curious by default, some people just run well beyond that point. This was quite evident to me this past Monday. I was on a Brooklyn-bound train heading to 59th Street-Columbus Circle where I would catch a train […]

Local Subway Service Forgetfulness

Continuing with the theme of this past Friday night/Saturday morning, I admit I was a bit taken back by part of my commute. At the end of the festivities with my friend, I was not sure if I was going to meet up with anyone else or head to Penn Station & catch the LIRR […]