Fare Hike

New Metro-North Fares Start Dec 30th

Continuing with the theme of fare hike info, here is a reminder of the new Metro-North Railroad fares that will take effect on December 30th: MTA Metro-North Railroad is raising fares effective December 30, 2010, along with other agencies of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. While exact increases vary depending on ticket type, the following specific […]

New B&T Fares Starting Dec 30th

The inevitable day is fast approaching as new fares across the MTA spectrum take effect on December 30th. The MTA sent out reminder press releases with complete information. Let me start with information on their bridges & tunnels: Tolls on MTA’s seven bridges and two tunnels will go up at 2 AM on Thurs., Dec. […]

MTA Unveils 2011-2014 Financial Plan

Over the last couple of days, more stories have come out about the potential costs of the MetroCards & other aspects of the upcoming fare hike. I decided to not write about them since the MTA Board was meeting today & we would finally get more specific details from the horse’s mouth. Let me first […]

MTA Board Likely To Approve Fare Hike

Over the last few days, I have contemplated changing the name of this blog to “Fare Hike” since this is the topic that will dominate the entries for the weeks & months to come. Seriously though, I never did contemplate a name change but the reality of this issue dominating the content is the complete […]

MetroCard Cap Would Hurt Messengers

One of the biggest bombshells to come from recent leaks about the upcoming fare hike was the MTA’s plans to put a cap on “unlimited” weekly & monthly MetroCards. I for one opined how ridiculous such a proposal was & how it would hurt a lot more riders (including myself) compared to what the MTA […]