Congestion Pricing

Congestion Pricing Plan Alternatives

This past Friday, a coalition of business, civic, & labor organizations known as Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free released alternatives to Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan. The goal of the coalition’s plan is to ease traffic in Manhattan’s central business district. Their plan calls for the following: Increased meter parking (Including introducing metered parking on […]

MTA Looking To Increase Service On 4 Lines

The MTA released a report this past Friday detailing possible plans to expand service on 4 lines. The purpose of the expanded service would be to accommodate the projected additional riders the system would receive in relation to the proposed congestion pricing plan. The 4 lines that would see increased service would be the 1, […]

Fare Hike Should Not Affect Congestion Pricing Plan….

Well that is what state commission panel Chairman Marc Shaw said yesterday. The panel was created to study ways to decrease traffic congestion in Manhattan. The main objective on their table is evaluating Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan. Mr. Shaw feels that the MTA’s proposed fare hike should not be a factor when evaluation […]

Gov. Spitzer Says Not So Fast…..

Well he didn’t actually say that but you get the point. In today’s AMNY, the front page headline is about Gov. Spitzer challenging state comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s report on the MTA’s proposed fare hike. One of Gov. Spitzer’s comments included “So simply saying, Aha! We got congestion pricing, therefore, no fare increase: bad logic, bad […]

Congestion Pricing

Where do I begin? Lets see, I HATE the idea! As if the every day New Yorker does not have their money spread so thin, here comes another idea to take more cash away. I applaud Mayor Bloomberg for trying new things to improve the financial stability of NYC. However this plan is taking it […]