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Editorial: Save Mass Transit Riders

In today’s print edition of the New York Daily News, an editorial urged lawmakers to protect mass transit riders from disastrous fare hikes & service cuts. Lets take a look at a sample of the editorial: Confronting the certainty of astronomical fare hikes and disastrous transit cuts, city lawmakers must act in the interests of […]

CBTC Debuts On The L

Go up to a regular L train rider & ask them to express their feelings on the service diversions they have experienced over the last few years. Many if not all of them will start to vent about how annoying & frustrating it was. However the payoff for most of those diversions came Tuesday morning […]

MTA To Award Culver Viaduct Contract

Well F & G riders continue to get it from all sides when it comes to the Culver Viaduct project. The news first started in October 2007 when the MTA announced that the Smith-9th Streets station will be closed up to 1 year due to needed repairs on the crumbling Culver Viaduct, which stretches over […]

MTA To Cutback On Weekend Subway Service

Over the last few months, the main topics of this blog have been transit financing here, doomsday scenario there & everything else in between. Don’t expect this to change with the March 25th date looming so dangerously close. So with that in mind, what would an entry on here be like without some bad news. […]

MTA Deficit Could Rise By $650 Million

As the deadline draws closer to the MTA possibly enacting the doomsday scenario, & they try to convince Albany for the money they need, news comes out that their deficit could rise by $650 million. William Neuman of the New York Times has more in this report: Plummeting tax and fare revenues that have been […]