Most Train Friendly Administration Ever?

Yesterday afternoon Democratic Vice President Nominee Joseph Biden made a very bold statement. On a train ride from Washington D.C. to his hometown of Wilmington Delaware, Biden told a passenger

If we get elected, it will be the most train-friendly administration ever.

Ben Smith & Victoria McGrane of Politico have more in this report:

Victoria McGrane reports:

The man who wears his daily commute like a badge of honor, Joe Biden took the opportunity Tuesday to take some of the media with him on his Amtrak trip from D.C.’s Union Station to Wilmington, Del. TV and print reporters accompanied him, while the rest of the traveling press corps took the bus to his campaign stop in Media, Pa.

He hugged employees and shook hands up and down the aisle of the car he was seated in, according to the pool report.

“Hey, Iā€™m the nuisance,ā€ Biden told one of the pool reporters who expressed concern he was interrupting the candidate. Biden indicated the crowd of cameras and Secret Service agents around of camera people and secret service agents around him. ā€œI used to ride this thing every day and nobody paid any attention.ā€

Click here for the complete report.

Transit advocates can only hope he really means what he says……

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