Transit Failures

7 Train Outage Details

I’m sure many have not forgotten the nightmare from this past Wednesday when the 7 line was shutdown completely in both directions. As I posted during my coverage of the event, an A/C power failure was to blame for bring the entire line to a screeching halt. Now more details have surfaced as to what […]

LIRR Billing Snafu Update

The MTA has updated its Long Island Railroad (LIRR) service alert regarding the huge billing snafu that affected at least 19,000 LIRR customers. The updated service alert states: LIRR Customers: As a result of a computer software problem, some LIRR customers who used credit cards to purchase LIRR tickets between September 25th (when a new […]

LIRR To Fix Billing Snafu

The Long Island Railroad is in the midst of fixing a huge billing snafu that occurred 5 days ago. On October 1st, a record of almost 30,000 tickets were sold via credit or debit cards at various ticket machines throughout New York City & Long Island. This does not come as a surprise considering it […]

I Have My Doubts……

This entry can be considered a continuation of the entry below which focused on the MTA’s vow to improve storm performance. I decided to reread the entire report & develop further opinions about their suggestions. The key suggestion that caught my eye referred to developing capacity for real time text alerts. I applaud the idea […]