Transit Failures

MetroCard Vending Machine Trouble Deja Vu

Riders at the 47-50 Streets-Rockefeller Center & 49th Street N and R stations must have been feeling like yesterday was a case of deja vu. Once again customers who wanted to purchase or refill their MetroCards with their credit or debit card were unable to do so. Peter Cox of the New York Post filed […]

MetroCard Vending Machines Fail

So earlier this week while browsing the transit blogosphere, I read on Subway Blogger how the MetroCard Vending Machine’s (MVM) ability to take electronic payments crashed. One would figure that the problem would be taken care of quickly but not so as it continued into the next day. Days after the MTA decided to issue […]

LIRR Last 2 Days = Not So Good……

The last two days would definitely qualify as bad ones for the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). They first had to deal with a track fire during Tuesday evening’s rush hour that knocked out service on the Port Washington line between Hicksville & Huntington. This also caused delays on the Ronkonkoma line. Yesterday was no […]

M23 Receives The Dreaded Pokey Award!

Today, The Straphangers Campaign handed out its annual award for the slowest local bus route in New York City. The award known as the “Pokey” is now in its 6th year & continues to point out the worst of the worst as far as slow bus service is concerned. However this year is special as […]

I Wonder What Judy Thinks…….

(Judy Jacobs; Photo courtesy of Nassau County Government Website ) Who is Judy you might ask? Judy Jacobs is the Presiding Officer of the Majority of the Nassau County Legislature. She represents district 16 which is made up of the communities of Bethpage, Cove Neck, East Norwich, Jericho, Laurel Hollow, Muttontown, Oyster Bay, Oyster Bay […]