MTA Official Calls For Orwellian Plan

In what can only be described as an Orwellian plan, MTA Financial Chairman Larry Schwartz is calling for the MTA to flood the system of its buses, subways & railroads with more security cameras along with facial recognition technology.

Here is more via a report from CBS 2 New York’s Marcia Kramer:

Fed up with the insanity on buses, subways and commuters rails, the head of the MTA’s finance committee is calling for the installation of surveillance cameras and facial recognition technology to catch and deter criminals.

A homeless man threatening subway passengers with a hammer, an emotionally disturbed person cutting the rubber accordion that connects two sections of a bus, a train operator left with a black eye and bruises after a rider attacked her, a man throwing a cup of urine at a bus driver, someone throwing a shovel and hazardous material on the subway tracks, which could have caused a derailment.

MTA finance chair Larry Schwartz says it’s time to stop the insanity and install surveillance cameras everywhere — on buses, subways and commuter rails.

“I want the riding public and our MTA employees to feel safe at every location within the MTA,” he said.

Schwartz says he will demand that the agency’s new capital plan include the tens of millions of dollars necessary to flood the system with cameras, CBS2 political reporter Marcia Kramer says.

Click here for the full report.

Larry Schwartz is yet another clueless individual looking to intrude on the civil liberties of people under the bullshit disguise of safety. Flooding the system with cameras is not going to serve as a deterrent to criminals.

The system has cameras all over & that has not stopped people from committing crimes. Plus most of those who do commit them tend to have mental issues. Tell us again how more cameras or facial recognition technology is supposed to help with that? I’ll save you the time Larry…. by letting you know that it for 100% fact will not help.

So Larry & the other clueless brainless sheep who believe in such intrusive nonsense, go read up on history & gain some actual knowledge to wake up your clueless minds!

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