City Council Holds Hearing About Rider Report Cards

10 days ago the City Council held a hearing to look into the MTA’s “Rider Report Cards” initiative which received only a 7% response to the 700,000 cards that were distributed. Here is a brief article about the hearing courtesy of The New York Sun:

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s “rider report cards” are the subject of a City Council oversight hearing tomorrow, after the agency’s pet project failed to produce any constructive criticism. Of the 700,000 cards distributed, less than 7% had been returned as of last month. The complaints were nothing new to riders used to crowded commutes and long delays. The chairman of the Transportation Committee, John Liu, who is holding the hearings, called the report cards a “wasteful gimmick.”

New York City Transit released the results from 22 subway lines: 18 received grades of C and C-; four received D+. The MTA could not be reached for comment.

For starters I can understand why Mr. Liu feels these cards were nothing but a gimmick. It is hard to take them seriously when you have lines getting highly inaccurate grades & having such a low overall response to them. Unlike some who feel Mr. Liu does not do a good job or is grandstanding, I feel he is right to look into the so called initiative.

I also have to wonder when did the MTA hand out 700,000 report cards. I assume this # is strictly based on handouts as you don’t hand something out to those who could have voted on the website at any given time. So assuming internet voters like myself were not included in that figure, where were these 700,000 report cards handed out at? I never saw anything being handed out at any station I entered & exited. I checked out my home station on numerous occasions just to see if something was being handed out & nothing. Either way I am quite curious about the figure although I don’t expect to ever get an answer.

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