Pathetic LIRR Conductor

LIRR Ticket
Used Long Island Railroad ticket.

You are probably wondering why I have a picture of a used LIRR ticket above. I’ll explain…..

Those who personally know me or follow @TransitBlogger on Twitter, it is known how much disgust I have for the overpriced Long Island Rail Road. The service is nowhere near worth the astronomical prices they charge. A recent lack of professionalism has me even more irked.

During the wee hours of the morning recently, I made my way to Penn Station to catch the railroad home. I purchased my ticket & made my way to the last open car of the train. As soon as we started to pull out of the station, the conductor was already asking for tickets. I happened to be the only person in the car at this time.

Fast forward to Jamaica where he came around one last time but never bothered to take my ticket as is normal protocol. He proceeded to go to the next car which was not open for passenger use. I never saw him or any conductor for that matter even though 7-10 people boarded at various stations throughout the trip.

So let me get this straight, you are all over me the minute we start to move when I am not even comfortably setup yet others got to ride for free? I was absolutely furious as I got to see how happy a number of them looked at scoring their free ride.

I pay way too much money to ride this smelly & filthy railroad to see others get a free ride on the house. Should I be surprised though? This is the LIRR after all where asinine stupidity & incompetence is commonplace.

xoxo Transit Blogger

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LIRR conductor 7720 is a ride skinny pipsqueak
who should learn how to treat people with respect.
Sad example for the LIRR. Mean people suck!

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