Mack Backpedals

MTA Board Vice President David S. Mack has now backpedaled on his outrageous statements about the free perks he & other MTA board members receive. Here is his statement which was released through the MTA Press Office & posted on the New York Times City Room Blog:

I regret that my comments yesterday did not reflect my commitment to the M.T.A and the work it does to provide the best public transportation system in the United States. My colleagues on the board are dedicated to keeping fares low, services efficient and continue to look for ways to make improvements to the system. I am proud to serve on this board, and I support Chairman Hemmerdinger and his policies. I plan to vote next week in support of changing our policies so that free passes for our transportation systems are used only by current board members, who are on official M.T.A. business.

Does anyone for one second believe he had a sudden change of heart? This is the same man who referred to the general driving & riding public as “common people”. His backpedaling reeks of someone who had his arm twisted by a fellow colleague. I also find the comment exchange in the City Room’s entry interesting. One particular comment that caught my eye was posted by Adrien who stated:

It seems strange to me that the MTA would fight to put striking union leaders behind bars and fine each union member worker when they are trying to preserve basic standards like bathroom breaks.

Meanwhile- the people making the rules refuse to give up illegal perks? While throwing the actual workers in jail and fining those with nothing, they fight over what perks they deserve just for coming into a few meetingsā€¦ disgrace- thank goodness Paterson and Cuomo are around.

The exchange has even gone into the issue of the class level in society of board members & the riding public. To check out the comment exchanges, click here for the City Room entry.

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