Senator Schumer Questions The Integrity Of Doctors

The never ending LIRR Disability Benefits Scandal dubbed the “Gravy Train Scandal” by the New York Post, took another turn today after some elected officials held a meeting with officials of the Railroad Retirement Board. After the meeting, Senator Schumer questioned the integrity of doctors who helped retired LIRR employees cash in on disability benefits. Here is a brief article from The Associated Press:

NEW YORK – Sen. Charles Schumer says the high number of Long Island Rail Road employees collecting disability payments may be due to dishonest doctors.

Schumer and Long Island Rep. Tim Bishop on Friday met privately in New York with members of the Railroad Retirement Board, an obscure federal panel. He said afterward: “There’s a feeling that these doctors were not on the level.”

Four separate investigations are under way after it was reported last month that more than 90 percent of LIRR employees were granted disability payments by an obscure federal board, allowing them to collect huge payments every year.

Schumer and Bishop say they asked the board to immediately take a closer look at who is granted disability payments.

I will check & see if Senator Schumer or any other officials issue a press release to talk about the meeting. As always I will keep up with this story as it continues to unfold.

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