Newsday Seeks LIRR Rider Feedback

The Newsday is running a feedback section for Long Island Railroad riders (LIRR) in terms of customer behavior. According to the paper, the section is in response to the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) renewing its customer courtesy campaign. Here is one of the 3 responses left so far:

I was on the 6:04 p.m. train to Ronkonkoma a few months back. There was a young lady sitting across from me plugged into an iPod. You could tell she really had the thing on loud. Then her cell phone started ringing and she removed an earphone to answer. A lady sitting behind me asked her if she could please lower the volume on her iPod. The woman with the iPod became enraged and started yelling into her cell phone that some lady on the train has the nerve to tell her to lower her iPod. She filled the cabin with curse words … In an instant I found myself standing between the two irate women as they tried to get at each other. I attempted to reason with the young lady … The girl cursed at me and got out at Jamaica.


For more of the feedback, click here.

This should be interesting to say the least!

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To whom it may concern,

The Kew Gardens station going westbound into Penn has recently been redone and is nice, but the platform speakers can barely be heard. You have installed a new sound system, but when announcements are made you can’t hear them. Why???? Today for instance the train was 10 min. late and an announcement was being made to inform the riders, but we couldn’t hear a single word. So frustrating. Even when it’s quiet it’s barely audible. Can you please turn them up!?


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