The Anti Fare Hike Bandwagon Is Up To 80 Local Politicians

The total number of local politicians publicly against the MTA’s proposed fare hike is now sitting at 80. What might be surprising to some is the list of politicians are of a mixed variety. The group includes Assembly Democrats from the city & suburbs. They are joined by Republican State Senators from New York City & Long Island. Here are some comments from some of the politicians rallying against the MTA shared with Daily News Transit Reporter Pete Donohue:

Westchester County Democrat Assemblyman Richard Brodsky – “People are uniting around this at a time when that’s not happening a lot in Albany. It’s reaching critical mass because it’s the right thing to do.”

Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno – “The people who travel around are taxed enough. We have got to prioritize the use of our state resources to minimize the expense and the impact on the people who come into the city and work in the city.”

Nassau County Republican Assemblyman Thomas Alfano – “I wholeheartedly support the Daily News campaign. The hike must be delayed now.”

Lets give kudos to these leaders, Pete Donohue, transit bloggers, & others for spreading the riding majority’s feelings on these proposed fare hikes!

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