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MTA Set To Surpass Overtime Reduction Goals

If you ask many different people, what area the MTA could really do with reducing costs in, you are bound to get various answers. I can guarantee that one of the most popular ones will be overtime which has seen the abuse of it become a major issue in recent time. When the much maligned […]

Service Diversions 09-27-10

I have just updated the “Service Diversions” page by removing all of the work that just wrapped up at 5 AM this morning. The latest information for the upcoming week & beyond in some cases is at the forefront. Throughout the week, I will make minor updates on the page itself (no entries about it) […]

Service Diversions 09-25-10

I just updated the “Service Diversions” page with the latest diversions for this weekend, next week, & beyond in some cases. The next update will be sometime after 5:01 AM Monday when all of the weekend diversions are removed & the ones for the week move up the list. Also for riders in Northern Manhattan […]

2 Metro-North Workers Accused Of Time Fraud

This past April (1, 2, 3) , a few bad apples in the MTA blue collar bunch spoiled it for the rest when they were found to have committed sick/work time fraud. Unfortunately the bad habits have found its way to the Metro-North as 2 workers have been accused of work time fraud. One of […]

MTA Caught 178 Bus Drivers Texting

Without question, technology has completely changed the amount of time & ways we communicate with one another. Text messages happens to be one of the most popular forms of communication for people of all ages. While it has its benefits, it also has major drawbacks. The major drawbacks mainly stem from safety concerns. While it […]