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Ratner Looks To Pay MTA Less Upfront

One of the most controversial construction projects of any kind to come in the last decade is the Atlantic Yards. The $4B project is centered around building a new arena & atleast 16 high-rise buildings in downtown Brooklyn. The project has featured a multitude of supporters on both sides of the aisle. The average citizen […]

MTA Board Officially Appoints Helena Williams

Earlier today, the MTA officially appointed Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) President Helena Williams as the MTA’s interim CEO/Executive Director. This was a story I first blogged about 6 days ago when the MTA first made the announcement pending board approval. New York 1 filed this brief report: Helena Williams was formally appointed as the […]

MTA Failed To Fix Hazardous Subway Platforms

For those of us who ride the subway often, certain characteristics are common place to us at the majority of stations. Some of those things include rats, dirty trackbed, dirty walls, etc…. However there is one more characteristic that is common place & that is hazardous subway platforms. This is not the first time that […]

Legal Quirks Cost MTA Major Money

Over the years, the finances of the MTA have taken a hit from many different directions. The usual suspects are lower than expected tax revenue, cost overruns, etc…. However one of the other issues that hurt the MTA’s financial picture is the money dished out to lawsuit winners. The New York Daily News takes a […]

Ad Company Owes MTA $7.5 Million

It is no secret that the MTA is going through its worst financial crisis ever. Even with Albany passing new funding measures, the agency’s financial future is still in question. So the latest report about finances does nothing to starve off those woes. A report in today’s edition of the New York Times takes a […]