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Service Improvements On The Way???

In what could qualify as a slick but poorly executed P.R. move, the MTA’s New York City Transit division announced possible service improvements that riders could look forward to starting in the second half of 2008. Some of theĀ  improvements which are supposed to serve as a way of calming the anger of the fare […]

MTA Looks To Decrease Response Times

10 days ago the MTA announced their plan to spend $1.3 million dollars to decrease their response time to escalator & elevator breakdowns throughout the subway system. The plan calls for more than 300 escalators & elevators to be hooked up to a computerized monitoring system. Here is a brief article about the plan courtesy […]

Staten Island Railway Is No Different

The updates have been extremely rare the last couple of weeks. I have been extremely busy & am now just starting to catch up. Lets get started with the “Rider Report Card” results for the Staten Island Railway. Here is the full breakdown: Top 10 priorities that Staten Island Railway riders would like to see […]

And So The Day Is Upon Us….

In a matter of hours, the MTA Board will officially vote on & approve their fare & toll hike plan that will punish their most loyal customers. I apologize for the lack of entries the last week as I have been extremely busy. Please check back later today where I will officially catch up on […]

Para Transit Strike Coming To An End?

This might be the case according to news that came out a few days ago. Both The Para Transit Drivers and Mechanics of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181-1061 & Paratransit Operators Coalition have reached a tentative settlement as of Monday. However the strike will continue until the agreement is ratified as it goes for […]